Song listings include title, voicing and original music source.  The SORT selection link (on the right at the beginning of title listings) separates titles into SATB, TTBB and SSAA voice groupings.


For voicing of individual songs, note that divisi indicates random part divisions. Full divisi indicates shorter sections with full voice divisions, but distinguished from SSA(A)-TTB(B) which sustains dominantly full voicing throughout. Optional divisi includes sections with notated options for both SATB and divisi voicing.


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Za rękę weż mię, Panie
You Shall Go Out With Joy
You Are Mine  (SATB, optional divisi)  - David Haas
Yesu Ni Mwokozi
Wśród Nocnej Ciszy  (SATB, full divisi)  - Traditional Polish Carol
When Peace, Like A River  (SATB, full divisi)  - Philip P. Bliss
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross  (TTBB)  - Welsh Melody and Lowell Mason
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross  (TTBB)  - Lowell Mason
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross  (SATB, full divisi)  - Lowell Mason
What A Friend We Have In Jesus  (SATB, divisi, S. and optional T. solo)  - Charles C.…
We Praise Thee, O God  (SATB)  - Bliss/Sankey Gospel Hymns
We Come  (SATB, full divisi)  - James Croegaert
Walk In Jerusalem
Unto Thee All Praise Be Given  (TTBB)  - William Owens
Two Traditional Kenyan Songs, Set 2  (SATB, solo lead voice)  - Traditional Kenyan…
Two Traditional Kenyan Songs, Set 1  (SATB, solo lead voice)  - Traditional Kenyan…
Tryumfy Króla Niebieskiego
To Whom Shall I Be Turning  (TTBB)  - Franz Schubert, from Deutsche Messe
Thou Knowest, Lord  (TTBB)  - Henry Purcell
This World is Not My Home  (SATB)  - Source unknown
The World Needs A Song  (SSAA-TTBB)  - J. Lincoln Hall
The Trees of the Field  (SATB, divisi)  - Stuart Dauermann & Steffi Geiser Rubin
The Lord’s Prayer  (TTBB)  - Anonymous, historic chant
Te Deum Laudamus  (SSAA-TTBB)  - Historic Ambrosian hymn
Take Thou My Hand, O Father  (SATB, divisi)  - Friedrich Silcher
Take Our Bread  (SSAA)  - Joe Wise
Take Our Bread  (SATB)  - Joe Wise
Take Our Bread  (TTBB)  - Joe Wise
Stille Nacht
Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart  (SATB, full divisi)  - Frederick C. Atkinson
So nimm den meine Hände
Singabahambayo  (SATB)  - Traditional South African
Singabahambayo  (TTBB)  - Traditional South African
Sing We The King  (TTBB)  - Friedrich Silcher
Sing Praise To God  (SATB, full divisi)  - from KIRCHENGESENG, 1566, the Bohemian Brethren
Sing Forth In Joy  (SATB)  - Wincenty of Kielcza (1200-1261)
Silent Night  (SATB, full divisi)  - Franz Gruber
Shumayela  (SATB)  - Traditional South African
Shout To The Lord, All The World
Shine On Us  (SATB with SAT trio)  - Michael W. Smith, Debbie Smith
Shalom Chaverim  (SATB, divisi)  - Traditional Hebrew melody
Shalom  (SATB, full divisi)  - Traditional Hebrew melody
Shall We Gather At The River  (SATB, divisi)  - Robert Lowry
Salvation Is Created  (SA-TTBB)  - Pavel Tchesnokov
Salvation Is Created  (SSAA-TTBB)  - Pavel Tchesnokov
Rock Of Ages  (SATB, full divisi)  - Thomas Hastings
Przyjacielem naszym Jezus
Przy Twym Krzyżu
Przekrasny Jezu (Fairest, Lord Jesus)
Praise We Sing To The Lord Of Glory  (SATB)  - Traditional Polish Carol
Praise To The Lord, The Almighty  (SATB, divisi)  - Gesangbuch(Straslund, 1665)
Praise To God, Immortal Praise / Lord, Should Rising Whirlwinds  (SATB)  - Asahel Abbot,…
Praise Thou The Lord  (SATB, divisi)  - From Ansbach, 1644
Peace, Perfect Peace  (SATB, full divisi)  - George T. Caldbeck
Pasterzem mym Pan  (SSAA)  - Hebrew melody
Our Father In Heaven  (SAATTB)  - Sergei Rachmaninov
Otche Nash  (SATB)  - Nicolai Kedrov
On trzyma całą ziemiě w ręku Swym
Ojcze nasz
O Worship The King  (SATB, full divisi)  - W. Gardiner's Sacred Melodies, 1815
O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus  (TTBB)  - T.J. Williams
O Love, O Life  (SATB)  - Lloyd Kauffman
O Love The Lord  (SATB)  - George Perry
O Let All Who Thirst
O Healing River  (SAATB)  - Traditional melody
O Happy Day  (SATB, Soprano solo)  - Traditional Gospel
O God Our Help In Ages Past  (SATB, full divisi)  - William Croft
O Gnade Gottes (Amazing Grace)  (SATB, divisi)  - American Folk Hymn
O Come, O Come Emmanuel  (TTBB)  - 15th century Trope melody
Nothing Is Lost On The Breath Of God  (TTBB)  - Colin Gibson
Nie W Wymowie Słów  (SSAA)  - Anonymous
Nearer, My God, To Thee  (SATB, full divisi)  - Lowell Mason
My Saviour, Lord And Master  (TTBB)  - Franz Schubert, from Deutsche Messe
My Luve Is Like A Red, Red Rose  (TTBB)  - Scotch Folk Melody
My Life Flows On  (SATB, full divisi)  - Robert Lowry
My Dear Redeemer  (SATB)  - Folk Hymn, J. Ingalls' Christian Harmony, 1805
My Dear Redeemer  (TTBB)  - Folk Hymn, J. Ingalls' Christian Harmony, 1805
Morning Moments With Jesus  (SATB, divisi)  - Jim McClintock
May Thy Blessed Spirit (Duh Tvoy Blagiy)  (SSAA-TTBB)  - Pavel Tchesnokov
May Thy Blessed Spirit (Duh Tvoy Blagiy)  (TTBB)  - Pavel Tchesnokov
May The God Of Peace  (SATB, divisi)  - Lloyd Kauffman
Lord, You Have Received My Prayer  (TTBB)  - Franz Schubert, from Deutsche Messe
Lord, Thou Hast Given Life  (TTBB)  - Franz Schubert, from Deutsche Messe
Lord Jesus, Thy Dear Angel Send
Lord Jesus You Shall Be My Song  (SATB, optional divisi)  - Les Petites Soeurs de Jésus…
Lord I Am Fondly, Earnestly Longing  (SATB, full divisi)  - Charles Edward Pollock
Longing For Light
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming  (SSAA-TTBB)  - Alte Catholische Geistliche Kirkengeseng
Like A River Glorious  (SSAA)  - J. Mountain
Lift Your Glad Voices  (TTBB)  - John E. Gould
Lift Your Glad Voices  (SATB, full divisi)  - John E. Gould
Let There Be Light  (TTBB)  - Charles Zeuner
Ku Tobie, Boże Mój
Królu Niebios  (SATB)  - L. Roy
Kommet Her  (SATB)  - E. Hug
Kiedy Ranne  (SATB, divisi)  - T. Kiewicz
Joy To The World  (SATB, optional divisi)  - Lowell Mason
Jesus, Stand Among Us  (TTBB)  - Friedrich Filitz
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross  (SATB)  - Heinrich Werner
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross  (TTBB)  - Heinrich Werner
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross  (SSAA)  - Heinrich Werner
Jesus Is Coming Again  (SATB, full divisi)  - George E. Lee
Jauchzet dem Herrn  (SSAA-TTBB)  - Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Jako Rzeka Zwiększa
It May Be At Morn  (SATB, full divisi)  - James McGranahan
In Christ There Is No East Or West  (TTBB)  - Alexander R. Reinagle
If With All Your Hearts  (TTBB, piano)  - Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
If We Ever Needed The Lord Before  (TTBB)  - Traditional Spiritual
I Want To Be Ready  (SATB, solo)  - Traditional Spiritual
I Sought The Lord  (TTBB)  - J. Harold Moyer
I Shall Not Be Moved  (SATB, divisi)  - Traditional melody
I Know That My Redeemer Lives  (S(S)AA / SATB)  - Alexander R. Reinagle
I Know Not Why God's Wondrous Grace  (SATB, full divisi)  - James McGranahan
How Vast The Treasures  (SATB)  - Lloyd Kauffman
How Deep The Father's Love For Us  (SATB with SAB solos, optional divisi)  - Stuart…
House Of Our God  (TTBB)  - From Harmonia Sacra, 1832
Homeward Bound  (SSAA-TTBB)  - Folk Hymn
Holy, Holy, Holy (Heilig, Heilig, Heilig)  (SSAA-TTBB)  - Franz Schubert, from Deutsche…
Holy, Holy, Holy (Heilig, Heilig, Heilig)  (TTBB)  - Franz Schubert, from Deutsche Messe
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name  (SATB, divisi)  - Katholisches Gesangbuch (Vienna)
Hold Out Your Light  (SATB)  - Traditional Spiritual
Herrscher der Ewigkeit  (TTBB)  - Hans Jakob Breiter
Heilig, Heilig, Heilig - Franz Schubert
Heilig (Holy)  (SATB, double choir)  - Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands  (SATB)  - Traditional Spiritual
Heart With Loving Heart United  (SATB, divisi)  - From Manuscript Chorale Book, 1735,…
Hallowed Be Thy Name  (SATB, optional divisi)  - West Indies Melody
Hail, Holy Light  (SATB, full divisi)  - C.C. Schofield
Großer Gott, wir loben dich
Great Is Thy Faithfulness  (SATB, with SAT solos or ensemble)  - William M. Runyan
Great God, Indulge My Humble Claim  (SATB, full divisi)  - John D. Brunk
Gracious Spirit, Love Divine  (SATB, full divisi)  - Leighton G. Haine
Grace Be Unto You  (SSAA-TTBB)  - J.E. Trowbridge
Grace Be Unto You  (TTBB)  - J.E. Trowbridge
Going Home  (SSAA-TTBB)  - William Arms Fisher
God Of Grace And God Of Glory  (SATB divisi, with Congregation)  - John Hughes
God Is Love  (TTBB)  - Clara H. Scott
God Be With You  (SATB, full divisi)  - William. G. Tomer
Gnade sei mit euch
Glory To God In The Highest  (TTBB)  - Franz Schubert, from Deutsche Messe
Gentle Mary Laid Her Child  (SATB)  - Lloyd Kauffman
Gdy pokoj niebieski
Gabi, Gabi  (TTBB)  - South African origin
From Prayer That Asks  (SATB)  - Lloyd Kauffman
For He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over Thee  (SSAA-TTBB)  - Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
For God So Loved Us  (SATB, divisi)  - Multi-language hymn sequence
Flee As A Bird  (SATB)  - Traditional Spanish melody
Fervent In Spirit And Serving The Lord  (SATB)  - Friedrich Silcher
Fairest, Lord Jesus  (SATB, divisi)  - Fellersleben's Schlesische Volkslieder, 1842
Eternal God  (SATB, full divisi, S-T solos)  - James Croegaert
Eternal God  (SSATB, Soprano solo)  - James Croegaert
Eternal God  (TTBB)  - James Croegaert
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen
Duszo, Coś Grzechem Zmęczona
Duh Tvoy Blagiy
Deutsche Messe
Denn Er hat seinen Engeln befohlen über dir
Cudowna Boża Łaska
Cudną nowinę zwiastował  (SATB, divisi)  - J.S. Prochanow
Come Ye Sinners  (SATB)  - From Sacred Harp, 1844
Come Ye Disconsolate  (SATB, optional divisi)  - Samuel Wesley
Come To The Water  (SATB, full divisi)  - John B. Foley
Come Gracious Spirit  (TTBB)  - From Harmonia Sacra, 1832
Chwałę daj Panu
Chwalże, ma duszo
Christ the Lord, King of Highest Heaven  (SATB)  - Traditional Polish Carol
Christ Be Our Light  (SATB)  - Bernadette Farrell
Cantemos alegres a nuestro Señor
Cantate Domino  (SATB)  - Hans Leo Hassler
Cantate Domino  (SATB)  - Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni
Boże Wielki, peł nyś chwał
Boże Mój  (SATB)  - Traditional Polish
Bogosław związek nasz
Blind Bartimaeus  (SATB, with narration)  - Merle Yoder
Blest Be The Tie That Binds  (SATB, divisi)  - George Nägeli
Away In A Manger  (SATB)  - J.R. Murray, W.J. Kirkpatrick
An Unclouded Day  (SATB)  - Josiah K. Alwood
An Instrument Of Your Peace  (SSAA-TTBB, with Tenor solo)  - Russian folk melody
An Instrument Of Your Peace  (TTBB, divisi, with Countertenor solo)  - Russian folk…
An Instrument Of Your Peace  (TTBB)  - Russian folk melody
Amazing Grace  (SATB, divisi)  - American folk hymn
Alleluia  (SATB)  - William Boyce
All To Jesus I Surrender  (SATB)  - W.S. Weeden
All People That On Earth Do Dwell  (SATB)  - Genevan Psalter
All People That On Earth Do Dwell  (TTBB)  - Genevan Psalter
All Hail The Power of Jesus Name  (SATB, full divisi)  - Oliver Holden, Wm. Schrubsole,…
All Glory, Laud and Honor / Sanna, Sannanina  (SATB, divisi)  - Melchior Teschner, 1613,…
Albowiem Tag Bόg  (SATB)  - J. de Heer
Adoramus Te, Christe  (SATB)  - Giovanni da Palestrina
Ach Herr, lass dein lieb Engelein  (SATB)  - J. S. Bach
Abide With Me, ‘Tis Eventide  (SATB, full divisi)  - H. Millard
Abide With Me  (TTBB)  - From Harmonia Sacra, 1832
Abide With Me  (TTBB)  - W.H. Monk

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