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Featured Titles is a rotating list of titles including new settings, seasonal suggestions, or just nudges to take a closer look.


Four recent additions to the website are featured here.  These are arranged from contemporary composers, representing a genre generally known as  “contemporary hymns.”  All of these are licensed for arrangement from their primary publishers, and for distribution by LCP in printed form only.  Click the titles to see the songs




Christ Be Our Light, by Bernadette Farrell, speaks pointedly of the darkness, need and loss that many  suffer on many levels.  With that, it voices fresh urgency for the church to respond to people and the needs around them in tangible ways.  The refrain is both an inviting and compelling call to speak Christ’s light and life into the darkness.  The song is set in a congregational hymn style, but may be easily improvised in various ways for choral use.


How Deep The Father’s Love, by Stuart Townend, was written in the mid 1990’s.  This a-cappella setting was written in 2016. The text moves back and forth between the vastness of God’s love extended through Christ’s suffering and death, our unworthiness to receive it, yet reaching to comprehend the gift of being its recipients. 


This song is voiced for SATB with an SAB trio or small ensemble.  Two short interludes (one TTBB, one SATB) between verses are preferred, but optional.  An optional extension to V.3 is scored with full SSAA-TTBB divisi, but again, is optional.  While the optional sections add some additional color and substance to the setting, the setting is designed to be fully self-standing and complete without them.


Shine On Us (1996, words and music, Michael W. Smith, Debbie Smith) is a simply cry for God’s light, guidance, and living presence in times of darkness that all of us encounter.


This a-cappella setting was arranged in 1916, and set for SATB choir with an ATB trio or small ensemble.  A light sprinkling of Bass-1 notes may be used or deleted, as determined by each choir.  The melody and harmonic flow are intuitive, with a difficulty level of about 2 on a 1-5 scale.  Performance markings are intentionally omitted, with the intent that dynamic levels and flow primarily grow out of responsiveness to the text.


You Are Mine, was composed by David Haas (words and music) in 1991.  This a-cappella setting was arranged in 2017.  The copyright is held by GIA Publications, with this arrangement distributed by Lilly Chapel Press as a printed octavo only. The song is a gentle reminder of God’s attentive care for His children, and spoken in first person as God speaking to us personally.


This setting is voiced for SATB with optional divisi sections.  Optional notes in shorter sections are shown with miniaturized noteheads.  Longer optional sections are clarified in comment boxes.  Difficulty is about 2.5 on a 1-5 scale.


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